Monday, December 10, 2012

Travels To The Land Down Under

The countdown continues and there are only 17 days left until Christmas! But this also marks the beginning of our journey to the land down under! It was a wonderful, cold and frosty morning in Hanover, but thought of kangaroos and sunshine made our last practice before takeoff a fun and exciting one! It hasn't quite hit us yet that we will be landing in Australia 24 hours from now, however I know the minute we land over Sydney, the reality of this unbelievable adventure will set in. 

Today has been a day of firsts for many of us. For starters, being a junior meant my first bus ride with my own row of seats!!!! The days of doubling up are over...a moment my class and I have been looking forward to since freshman year. Then we all got to experience Dani Lisovicz's '16 first plane ride in a commercial jet. Although a little nervous at first, she was quite the trooper! We are only halfway through the plane ride to LAX and there have already been new experiences for all of us. I know there are so many more to come, like riding in a double-decker plane and seeing a koala at the zoo. We are bursting with excitement and so overwhelmed at the fact that we are able to embark on this adventure together. We still have many hours ahead of us, but between the movies, magazines, card games and neck pillows (yes many of us purchased our FIRST neck pillows at Logan airport), we have plenty to keep us occupied. 

Francis Bird '15 poses for a photo at our American Airlines gate in Boston. 
Oh my, I wish we were almost there! I know Gabby Starkey '16 does, too. She's been asking "are we there yet" since the bus pulled out of the Scully parking lot! There's never a dull moment with us! 

The memories are already forming, and I cant express how honored I am to share this experience with my teammates! We'll check back in once we've hit ground in Aussieland! So long for now. 

Kyleigh Williams '14