Saturday, December 22, 2012

Taking On The Aussies Day 2

This morning, we awoke ready to tackle our last practice of the Australian tour. After polishing off the last of our bungalow's food, we met to review last night's game on film. It was extremely helpful for us all to review our play and see it from a different perspective. We left the film session eager to attack our next match and put in to action all that we had learned. Later on in the day, it was time to send a savvy shopper from each bungalow to the grocery store to restock our very empty cabinets. Between two-a-days and games, food has seemed to disappear faster than ever.

With only two days left in our trip, our shoppers had the tough task of purchasing the perfect amount of food, so as not to leave any leftovers. Just like an episode of "Supermarket Sweep," we were all running around the grocery store racing to fill our carts with the "just right" amount of food. After the shoppers returned home to many hungry stomachs, each bungalow refueled and relaxed. Julia Szafman '13 and bungalow 103 chose to watch an original Australian tv show "Shaun the sheep." Even though no one wanted to watch talking farm animals, we were all enjoying lying on the couch far too much to get up and find the remote. Meanwhile, Jaclyn Leto '16 and bungalow 100 opted for the inspirational movie "Invincible" to pump them up for the match coming up that night! After some quality movie time, we headed back to the fields, ready to take on the Aussies for a second time. After learning from the previous night's game, we came out flying and were able to hold the Aussies to only 6 goals in the first half.

After a hard fought competition, it was evident that we were able to accomplish many of our team goals we set for the game. We retreated to the bungalows, ready for another home cooked meal. As some began to cook dinner, others hurried to the beach to catch yet another beautiful Australian sunset. Following the sunset many of us ventured to Casey Griffin's '13 bungalow to capture the Christmas countdown photo, corresponding to her number and the number of days until Christmas which was 4. We chose to dress Casey up as Santa, having her hold chocolate chip cookies and a carton of milk.

With starving appetites, Julia and her bungalow headed back for a healthy dinner consisting of chicken, brown rice and asparagus. Tonight's dinner for Jaclyn's bungalow was more adventurous, making homemade pizza!  Bungalow 100 also decided on a toga- inspired theme for the evening. They have had many themes nights throughout the week, including beach night and formal wear night! After delicious homemade pizzas and festive toga outfits, we were headed to bed in anticipation of our final game and last full day in Australia! Can't believe such an amazing trip is coming to an end!

Julia Szafman '13 and Jaclyn Leto '16

Sunset on West Beach outside our bungalows.