Tuesday, December 11, 2012


After our first real night’s sleep here in Sydney, it’s safe to say that everyone made the most of their day in the city. I started out my day by signing up to walk over the Sydney Harbor Bridge! A group of us will be doing that walk tomorrow, so stay tuned for updates on how that goes. After that, a group of 7 of us found a nice coffee shop to look at our maps and plan out our day. I was pleasantly surprised when I was given my iced coffee; it was not a coffee with ice in it, but rather a hot coffee with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream dropped in! Needless to say it was a great way to start my morning. 

We then took a bus to China Town, where we wandered around and had a delicious Dim Sum meal for lunch. After that, we hopped on the tram and headed to the self proclaimed, largest fish market in the Southern Hemisphere! The seafood there looked so tasty and incredibly fresh, and we just couldn’t help ourselves; we had a second little lunch of oysters and salmon. The seafood exceeded our expectations and even rivaled our first lunch, which I was sure couldn’t be topped. 


My group finished off our day by riding the monorail back to the hotel, showering up, and heading to the team dinner at the Blue Fish restaurant right in Darling Harbour. I had an awesome day wandering around and familiarizing myself with the city, and enjoyed tasty food every step of the way. Keep reading for another take on the day from one of our sophomores, Sam Schiff! 

 Kara Lehman ‘14 

 An amazing first day in Sydney, Australia segued smoothly into an almost equally amazing night’s sleep. After enjoying all twelve hours of peaceful sleep, my morning began with laughter when Liz Calby ‘14 woke me up by jumping on my bed. Still half asleep and sporting my pajamas, I walked with Jess Venturino ’15, Sarah Byrne ‘15, and Sydney Ellis ‘15 up the street to an Australian based bakery called Pie Face. As its name suggests, Pie Face sells many different types of pie that are all topped and iced with cute smiley faces. Despite the appeal of the warm (pun intended) pies, I decided on a faceless yet still delicious chocolate muffin. Finishing up this short and sweet breakfast, the four of us walked back to the hotel and got ready to really begin our second day in Sydney. 

A large group of us planned on spending the day on Manly Beach, but before we could venture across the Harbour, we meandered our way to the base of the Sydney Harbour Bridge where we bought tickets for tomorrow’s bridge climb!! Unfazed by the overcast skies and the chilly winds, we, an optimistic group, walked over to and boarded the ferry for Manly Beach. After being welcomed to Manly by a huge candy stand filled with a myriad of sour gummies and chocolates, we continued towards the beach hoping that the sun might peak out from the clouds. Our hopes were (sort of) answered! After we took short walks along the shoreline, the wind eased and the clouds parted ever so slightly, making room for some summer sun, which, needless to say, we all enjoyed. However, after a mere half hour of partial sun, the chilly winds returned and we reasonably decided that weather suited a shopping day much better than a tanning one. Making our way back to the ferry, we popped in and out of the clothing stores that lined the Manly streets. After having a great time wandering through Manly and supplying ourselves amply with goodies from the candy and gelato stands, we were ready to take the ferry and walk back to our hotel to get ready for dinner in Darling Harbour. 

Our team dinner at a restaurant called Blue Fish gave us all the opportunity to reunite after our long day of exploring Sydney. While enjoying delicious meals- including salmon, shrimp, kangaroo, salads, and pasta, we all got to share the details of our adventures. Dinner was followed by a brief yet memorable photo-shoot featuring lots of smiling and silly faces with Darling Harbour in the background. Feeling happy and full, we concluded our second day in Sydney! We have had such an amazing time exploring the city so far, and I can’t wait to continue seeing Sydney in all its beauty tomorrow from the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge!! 

Sam Schiff ‘15

Team dinner in Darling Harbour.

Obligatory funny face!