Tuesday, December 18, 2012

First Game Down Under

Another day of double practices began nice and early with eggs, cereal, and toast. I stuck with cereal because, when it was my turn to make some toast, 30 seconds into the process my toast caught on fire. Of course I acted fast and blew out the fire, but it was too late! I blew a fuse and shut down all the appliances in our kitchen. However, I do not blame myself, just the incapabilities of the toaster in making enough toast for a small army (of six). After breakfast, we piled into vans and headed to the fields with the goal of maintaining a high level of intensity throughout the whole practice. Practice consisted of 5 v 5 continuous, 7 v 7’s, and off ball work (picks and marking cutters!) in order to prepare for our scrimmage later on in the day. We headed back to the bungalows to have lunch and cool off after practice. Unfortunately, our air conditioning was set uncomfortably low and we could not figure out how to fix it, let alone what degree celsius it should be set at. Lunch consisted of turkey sandwiches and PB&J, for the second day in a row- clearly not getting very creative with our mid-day meals. After lunch some teammates headed into town to get some quality shopping done for our team gift exchange while the rest of us walked along the beautiful beaches surrounding our bungalows. When we came back to watch a quick movie before practice, we discovered that our DVD player had been switched in our absence and a Play Station 2 was in its place. After a little bit of confusion and miscommunication with the front desk, we told them that, although games would be extremely fun, we did not bring any. Still waiting for our DVD player to be returned, we watched "Definitely, Maybe" on Kyra Hansson's '13 laptop. While some waited to clear up the DVD player mystery, bungalow mate Kristen Giovenello '14 headed to the supermarket to pick up a few needed groceries. We even got a few extra snacks and dessert, our favorite: Nutella! After a long break we headed back to the field for a quick practice and exciting scrimmage against the South Australian U-21 club team. The big green went into our first international competition extremely giddy as we had no idea what to expect. Watching the other team arrive on bikes and introducing themselves to each other for the first time, we definitely gained confidence before the game even started. However, with the excitement of playing against girls without goggles mixed with their very different style of play, the big green started off a little slow. Back on defense I began quite an interesting conversation with my opposing attacker about their team and culture. All of the girls were local to Adelaide and came together every so often just to play pick up and enjoy a game they all love. Many of their players were absent because they are on the national team, but luckily we wont miss out because we will see them on Thursday. The Big Green stepped up by instituting our new zone defense and moving the ball fast around the 12 meter on attack (one cradle, pass!) and ultimately came out on top of the Southern Australian U21 club team. It was an awesome afternoon of lacrosse and got us fired up for our upcoming games against the Australia National Team. We arrived back to our homes for the week and began our third night of cooking: breakfast for dinner! Jaclyn Leto ’16 and I worked on preparing a feast of french toast, pancakes, eggs, and sausage. Our goal of the week is to master keeping all of the food warm until dinner, which we have still yet to accomplish. After dinner we turned on the television, put our legs up, and prepared for another exciting day tomorrow. GBG!

Frances Bird '15 and Danielle Lisovics '16