Monday, December 10, 2012

First Day In Sydney!

We are finally here! The run test, lift tests, two a days, thirty hours of travel and now it all feels completely worth it. The whole team seemed to be infected with excitement yesterday. Starting with our quest from our hotel through the Sydney Harbor to the Taronga Zoo, we were absorbed by all the amazing sights around us.  As we took off from Circular Quay dock on the ferry, the Sydney Harbour Bridge was to our left, the Sydney Opera House to our right and about 29 girls on a boat taking ‘selfies’ with these landmarks in the background.
Taking the ferry to Taronga Zoo - Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background.
The Taronga Zoo was a great first stop for our trip as we were able to walk off the horrible ‘cankles’ (swelling of the ankle due to pressure from the airplane) and spot our first kangaroos and wallabies. My travel buddies, Liz Calby '14, Jess Venturino '15, Amy Drummond '14 and I were able to entertain ourselves there for almost four hours before we caught the three o’clock ferry to the Opera House. Honestly, the Opera House is 100% worth all the hype that it gets, as it is absolutely amazing!  Furthermore, despite our team’s preconceived notions, the Opera House contains seven performance venues all housed beneath humongous shell-like sections. I hope that I’m getting the point across that this building has many interesting facts and so much history to it.

After leaving the Opera House my group quickly strayed away from the Lululemon shopping excursion and began the quest for food before we collapsed from hunger. We ate like we hadn’t eaten a respectable meal in over twenty hours, appropriately, and scarfed down dinners while being subject to a few judgmental Aussie looks.  You would think that this dinner would have given us a sudden boost of energy but despite the sunlight creeping through our shades nothing could cure our exhaustion and my room was passed out by 7:30pm.

Sydney has been amazing thus far and I cannot wait to spend two more days here perfecting my Australian accent, conquering the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb, and relaxing at the beautiful beaches. Hope everyone is enjoying their cold December back home in the States!

Sarah Byrne '15