Saturday, December 22, 2012

Final Day Down Under

Last night in Australia.

G’day from down under! This is Hana Bowers ’13 and Amy Drummond ’14 on our last day in Adelaide, South Australia. Wow. What a way to end this incredible journey in Australia. Coming off a hard week of practices and games, the team managed to finally achieve the goals we set for ourselves on the field. The team clearly ate their Wheaties this morning as we held the Aussies to a tie at the half, and the smallest goal differential of all three games. From the energy on the bench to the fight on the field, we left the game feeling proud of all our hard work over the past three weeks. Pulling out of the parking lot for the final time, our very own Anjalie Christie '14 heroically stopped a van from rolling towards a tree when there was a parking brake malfunction in one of the coaches vans. We were all amazed at her ability to translate her quickness on the field to those ninja reflexes on the streets! Needless to say, these cars down under are quite funky and everyone drives on the wrong side of the road. The rest of the day consisted of soaking in some finals rays on the beach in downtown Glenelg and shopping around for Christmas gifts one last time (And if you’re wondering…Yes, we know exactly what every relative of this team is getting for Christmas). In the beginning of the week, our two bungalows ran up the highest bill at the grocery store as the coaches shook their heads doubting that twelve girls could need four shopping carts full of food for one week. So, tonight our bungalows were faced with the delightful ‘task’ of consuming as much food as possible to prove to the coaches that every penny was well spent. We end our last day with the entire team huddled into one bungalow reminiscing about the amazing memories we have created over the past three weeks. Even though no food remains on our shelves and we are thousands of miles away from home, for this one night, there is no other place we would rather be. See you all so soon, and thank you again to all of our parents and alums who made this trip possible!

Hana Bowers '13 & Amy Drummond '14