Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sunrise Jogs & An Alum's Hospitality

Our day started extremely early this morning as a small group of us woke up at 4:30am for a sunrise jog, which was a truly unforgettable experience. Sitting across the harbor, we watched as the sun rose directly above the Opera House. Although our view was temporarily blocked by a cruise liner arriving into port, the experience was well worth the loss of sleep!

Sunrise over the Opera House
The day only got better as the sun finally came out and we set off to one of the main attractions, the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb. The bridge, which is celebrating its 80th Birthday this year, has been a climbing attraction for fourteen years by millions of people and Kelsey, Casey, Kyra and I were going to be added to that list! The climb took us two hours and brought incredible views, interesting facts, silly pictures- definitely a once in a lifetime memory! From head to toe we were outfitted in gray and blue suits with a harness, hat, poncho in the case of rain, along with a handkerchief in the event we broke a sweat during the climb. 
"We made it!" Atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
The view from the very top of the bridge was unlike any view in Sydney and I was so happy I was able to experience the moment with three of my best friends!!
Ellie Clayton '13
~ ~ ~ ~

After our full-filled day in Sydney, we journeyed across town to Wally Cook's beautiful house on Chowder Bay. Wally graduated from Dartmouth in 1995, the same year the Big Green advanced to the NCAA Final Four for the first time in program history. We took the city bus to her neighborhood then walked to her house on the beautiful harbour. The view was jaw-dropping, from the scenic houses on the steep cliffs to the boats in the shark filled water. We had an amazing meal filled with Australian cuisine- steak, sausage, and chicken kabobs, followed by Pavlova (an Australia dessert with lemon meringues and berries..yum!!) After dinner, Wally's husband Charlie offered to take us on a ride down the bay on their family boat. Many of us were thrilled and gladly accepted his offer. We quickly boarded the boat and cruised down the bay, taking in the surreal views of the Sydney sunset. We could not have asked for a better, more authentic Australian experience with a twist of Dartmouth pride!

Hannah Saris '16
Team dinner at Wally Cook's '95 house.
Seniors enjoying the incredible view.